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Kirkton House Nursing Home

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Description of Kirkton House Nursing Home

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Contact Details

Kirkton House Nursing Home
Kirkton of Skene
AB32 6XT

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Care Services

Care Home Type: Conventional Care Home

Total Rooms: 43

Price Per Week From: £385.00

Special Care:
Over-65's Care
Physical Disability

Inspection Rating: (quality of...)

Care And Support: 2 - Weak
Environment: 3 - Adequate
Staffing: 3 - Adequate
Management & Leadership: 3 - Adequate

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Kirkton House Nursing Home News

Mansfield care home handyman competes in cycling challenge to raise funds for care home.
A Mansfield handyman has completed a cycling challenge into Sherwood Forest to raise funds for the care home where he works.
18 June 2012
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Inspectors raise serious concerns over welfare in European Care Group's north-Dorset Gillingham care home
A new Dorset care home has had to be closed to new admissions after serious concerns were raised about its standards of care.
6 November 2011
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Workers downed tools during Bury care homes refurbishment following dispute over unpaid bills
An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph reveals that a second major provider is facing financial scrutiny after builders working on refurbishment programmes last week downed tools over unpaid bills.
12 June 2011
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European Care Group opens new Rushyfields Care Centre in Durham
A new care home with panoramic views of the countryside was officially opened today.
10 May 2011
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