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Quick-thinking care home manager averts flooding of Southwick care home


A potential incident of flooding at a Southwick care home was averted on Wednesday morning this week, thanks to the quick-thinking of a care home manager, and the fast response of a local fire crew.

A mechanical error with the sump pump flooded the bottom of the lift shaft with water at Romans Care Home, in Roman Road, Southwick (BN42 4TP).   The trickling water was spotted by a staff member at the bottom of the lift shaft and staff acted promptly, shutting off the electricity and water as a precautionary measure.

Care home manager of the 30-bed care home – Vanessa Farmer said the drama was short-lived, thanks to West Sussex Fire and Rescue.

“The fire brigade were absolutely marvellous,” she said.

“They were wonderful. They responded quickly and pumped the water out.”

One water tender ladder from Shoreham attended and firefighters were on scene last Wednesday, from 9.55am to 10.17am.

A spokesman for the fire service said there were four inches of water in the base of the care home lift shaft and the electrics had been affected.

Vanessa said there had been no long-term damage to the electrics or water supply, and they had only been shut off as a precaution.

Source: Shoreham Herald

Romans Care Home, 1 Roman Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, BN42 4TP, News

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