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Sutton in Craven care home residents delighted with new pygmy goats


A pair of care homes that share the same site in Sutton in Craven have recently received two unusual new residents.  These new four-legged residents are quite different to the sixty two-legged residents that occupy the two care homes.

Sutton Hall and Sutton Lodge, which have a combined capacity of 60-beds, have recently received two female pygmy goats.   The idea of bringing them to the homes came from manager Mick Hebden, who said they made a welcome addition to the premises’ activities.

He said: “One of our residents is an ex-farmer and really missed having livestock to care for, as it had been such a major part of his life.

“So we got him a couple of goats to look after.

“Now all of our residents love the goats and having them here has encouraged everyone to get out into the fresh air.

“Residents have helped build a special pen and really enjoy caring for them every day.

“We are hoping to add a few more animals.

“Ideally we would like a smallholding and we’re busy raising funds to make this possible.

“We’d like to add pigs and especially hens, as many of our female residents have happy memories of looking after hens during the war.

“Having meaningful things to do each day, especially activities that replicate life outside the home, is very important to those people with dementia.”

Sutton Hall and Sutton Lodge are in Cornmill Walk, and are both run by Orchard Care Homes.

The link below is to the page on Compare Care Homes for Sutton Hall nursing home.   This page contains additional news and information for the care home.   Care home users with direct experience of the home may submit reviews of their experiences so that others may decide whether this care home is best for them.

Source: Craven Herald

Sutton Hall Nursing Home Cornmill Walk Off Sutton Lane Sutton in Craven West Yorkshire BD20 7AJ

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